Nightmare Standalone

40.00 USD



What does this version offer?

  • The NPCs attack you and your friends, they are sometimes not inteligent.
  • Zombies follow you and climb to the rooftops, and change targets from time to time.
  • You can choose whether you want zombies to climb roofs and ladders behind a player.
  • The detections of the zombies are realized, if you run, shoot, walk or crouch. (You can choose the time and frequency that this happens, by default it also does a luck check for this to happen.)
  • Working with Standalone, Redem, VORP and OneSync non OneSync
  • You can choose whether you want the weather with a halloween content to be enabled, so sometimes the sky turns red
  • Safezone available for you to configure wherever you want. Inside the safezone the zombies are not spawned, but it can still happen to enter the safezone.
    I will implement NPCs that will stand guard in the safezone to prevent zombies from entering, they will kill them
  • When zombies are killed, they drop loot that you can configure, which items and even their drop luck

How does zombie spawn work?

  • After days of developing this, I managed to develop something that looks nice, but it’s still not in its final form…
    The server receives an event from the entities that are created, and after that I replace this model with the zombie model.
    The spawn coordinates are standard coordinates of Red Dead itself.

  • If you are creating a specific NPC to work as a Seller or Dealer, you must put him in the spawn allowlist, otherwise the script server will replace the model with a zombie. (same thing works for animal spawn)

Future planning

  • I’m planning to add a balloon DROP system, which spawns randomly on the map, so players just go to the balloon to pick up the items when it falls to the ground.
  • I’ll add random spawn as a Ghost Train easter egg, appearing at specific locations and times
  • Scoreboard containing the total number of zombies killed and the number of days the player survived


This script may contain instability and bugs, be aware of that.
In case of any bug we will be available to correct and assist you in the configuration and installation.