Vehicle Shop v3 / QB / ESX

40.00 USD


  • Interactive catalog for the player

  • Test drive

  • Camera Setup

  • Purchase with financing or Bank money

  • Manager / Seller Panel
    Purchases historic
    Manage showroom
    Manage stock and set price
    Buy more vehicles
    Edit store settings

  • Allows the seller to issue a sale to any player near him

  • The buyer can view the vehicle and choose the color

  • After purchasing the vehicle spawn in some available parking slot nearby


  • QBCore or ESX
  • Working only Fivem Build 2060+

README file explaining

You will receive and be able to download all released updates.

We did everything to make sure that the dealership is working properly. In case of any bug we will be available to correct and assist you in the configuration and installation.

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