[QBCore] Dispatch - Multiple Jobs

29.00 USD



  • Synced to Emergency jobs (easly to add other jobs).
  • Citizen is notified when the unit accepts the call.
  • Units is shown on the map in real time for everyone from the same job (working with onesync and infinity).
  • You can add specific times for calls to disappear.
  • Shooting Alerts except Silenced weapons.
  • Vehicle icons can be exchanged at dispatch.
  • You can join/exit a unit.
  • You can turn dispatch off and on.
  • You can remove a call.
  • When a unit accepts the call, the unit that accepted the call appears in the call.
  • Server-side and UI is encrypted


  • QBCore
  • ESX (Coming soon)


  • You will receive and be able to download all released updates.


  • We did everything to make sure that the dealership is working properly. In case of any bug we will be available to correct and assist you in the configuration and installation.