Dealership HUD [QBCore] 2.0

30.00 USD

Dealership with interactive and personalized hud, compatible with QBCore, vehicle stock, vehicles are separated by classes.


  • QBCore Compatibility
    Fully functional and compatible with QBCore
  • Vehicles Stock          
     You can put the stock of each vehicle through the database.
  • Vehicles by class
     Vehicles are separated by class
  • Purchase confirmation
     You confirm before actually making the purchase


  • QBCore
  • Working only Fivem Build 2060+ 


Configuration is easy, import the database and insert the models of the vehicles you want to sell with price and quantity of vehicles.


You will receive and be able to download all released updates.


We did everything to make sure that the dealership is working properly. In case of any bug we will be available to correct and assist you in the configuration and installation.