Speedometer HUD

16.97 USD

(125) Speedometer - [Luminous Development] - YouTube 


  • Compatibility
    Fully functional and compatible with vRPex / vRP / ESX / Qb and Others
  • MP/H or KM/H Display
    You can choose which unit of measurement is best for you
  • Seatbelt
    Seat Belt Indicator and also functionality, you can be thrown out of the car if you are without the seat belts.
  • Fuel Display
    Displays the amount of gasoline in the vehicle
  • Current Gear
    Gear indicator on vehicle
  • Odometer Display
    Odometer, measuring the distance already covered by the vehicle, if you want to configure in SQL you can save this information.
  • Script is Open Code


If you want to use the seat belt system you need to enable this in your server.cfg file

setr game_enableFlyThroughWindscreen true


We did everything to make sure that the speedometer is working properly. In case of any bug we will be available to correct and assist you in the configuration and installation.




gta speedometer100%75%50%

1 -- Fuel Gas
2 -- Brake Status
3 -- Handbrake Status
4 -- Odometer 
5 -- Tachometer 
6 -- Speedometer
7 -- Current unit of measurement
8 -- Current gear
9 -- Seatbelt Status (Green = Active / yellow = deactivated)